Missing someone

I miss someone. A person who’s close to me and yet far away. Not a friend. But a person who makes me cry every day. Not tears of pain, at least not physical pain. She has never hurt me or disappointed me or talked about me. She’s there when I need her. Sort of. In small doses. She cheers me on, believes in me, cares about me. 

And she’s leaving.

I cry because I don’t want to let her go. Because she’ll stay where she is, not move. I cry because she’s an amazing person and I care about her too much. But no matter how much I care the “system” demands I can’t see her again. And I told her but still she can’t keep in touch. Though in the end it would be her decision. Yes, she said she won’t ignore me if we meet. But… she won’t meet me intentionally, right?

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