So I know it’s probably not a good idea to start this but I decided I’d do it anyway and see how it goes. Fasting. I’ve done it before and it is a feeling I sometimes miss… I mean, I always miss the feeling of being empty, but fasting is quite a different way of feeling empty. Or it used to be, I don’t know if it will be the same again now that I’m actually in this Eating Disorder team. I definitely won’t tell the team, that’s for sure. They’ll know what’s up anyway if my lab results go astray or my weight plummets. Which I hope it will, given the fact that I don’t eat much anyway and will reduce the “not much” to “nothing”. Nothing at all. Thinking about food makes me want it but part of starving myself is to overcome the longing for food. Tonight will be hard. Sleeping might be hard unless I’m tired from swimming. But sleeping is always hard so maybe tonight is more about how to get rid of thinking about food when I am an insomniac again.
My two cents worth about fasting.

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