DBT & stuff

I had to go to the first two sessions of the DBT counseling I’m doing. One was two hours of wasted time, the other one was one hour. Totally useless if you ask me as I’m an intelligent and self-reflective person. I know how to discern what I’m feeling and how to deal with these feelings – I don’t need to sit in a room full of weird people who ask stupid questions for two hours when I could just be given a book and read about it. AHHHH! That’s about all I wanted to scream as I was sitting in this room! I mean, seriously, how hard can it be to read a piece of paper and apply it to your life? I was SO bored but of course couldn’t let that show. Well… I hate to know that I have to sit through that for another five months but who knows, maybe I’ll be able to get through it without losing my sanity. I already thought about bringing a blank piece of paper to write on it in German so I can at least be occupied for two hours. Just like a good seminar. And we get homework, too, which I do by making up scenarios based on previous incidents… like I’d be sitting around in a circle talking about myself. For real?
The one hour individual session only resulted in me being given a “journal card” that I have to fill out every night with how the day way, how I felt, yada yada yada. Useless and booooring. But alright, I filled it out for the whole week tonight and can go into my appointment next week with confidence that I did my “homework”. It’s like the whole journaling thing that Brinkmann had. Only this time it’s worse. AHHHHH!!! And I just hate male therapists. As if guys can do anything right? No way, they are simply dumb apes who managed to learn how to talk and that’s all. I wouldn’t want to confide in any person with a y chromosome. Ever. Apes is all they are, dumb and shitty.


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