Just have this whole anger bottled up inside of me that I can’t get rid of right now and just don’t know what to do with. I don’t want to talk to my roommate but I have a feeling she’s back already and now I don’t even have the time to just be by myself and enjoy the free time! I HATE her, seriously! I don’t know what to do tomorrow, other than get up early and hopefully go for a run/walk/run-walk and stay out of her way. I don’t want her to ask how I am and I don’t want her to talk to me at all. While she spent a great time in El Salvador I was locked up in a psychiatric ward because of her! Because she couldn’t keep her mouth shut! As if her intervention would mean anything other than that now I’ll be super careful not to talk to her at all!! No reason for her to be worried since I’m a piece of worthless shit and she will not even miss me much. She pretends now but really…. who’s going to care? No one! So I just have to keep it a secret… like I’ve kept so much else a secret, too. I just wish I could finally be the person I am. 😦 Lesbian, bi-polar, suicidal. Here, I claim every one of these tags just for me. And the biggest one of all: crazy looser lunatic! I’ll take that one, too.
Now off to bed, the meds are starting to kick in. Hopefully.

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