Meds, Psych, Loony

My psychiatrist cracks me up. She’s hilariously funny and I enjoy seeing her quite a bit! I guess I shouldn’t enjoy seeing her so much but… I do. Anyhow. She is doing an awesome job at keeping me safe, trying to establish a safety plan and just in general to know that I’m not going off the deep end! She is switching my meds around, trying to find something that works and she says that she’s never had someone NOT respond to the change/increase/decrease/adjustment in medication. So I’m hopeful. And I loooove her humor and smile šŸ™‚

Besides: My meds seem to make me more crazy than anything else. I know it might just be the chemicals but that doesn’t mean I like it! I HATE it! I don’t want to be this person and I feel/am different from who I used to be. Sucks! And bad! But anyhow, Dr H. has agreed to see my parents when they’re here and she said she’s tone down her medical talk to make it understood for a four-year old. Sorta. She’s nice.

Loony – that’s me! Looooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnny! I can’t get my life straightened out and apparently nobody really expects me to. Makes it easier to ignore, too! šŸ™‚ Just so long as I don’t kill myself!

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