Weekend on the psych ward

I spent last weekend on a psychiatric ward, locked away with the loonies of the world! Thanks to my stupid roommate who couldn’t keep her mouth shut and needed to talk about me with the counseling center on campus I ended up being “voluntarily” committed to the psychiatric ward in town. If you’re wondering why I’m mad at her and mad at what happened if I went voluntarily: My psychiatrist had only said that it was a hospital – she hadn’t mentioned being locked up, being drugged up (well, I refused that!) and without outside access or decent food! They took my phone away, my Laptop, my nail-file, hell even my sticky notes!!! Everything that would’ve made me more comfortable. At least they let me keep some of my pictures and I managed to sneak out some tape and tape them to the wall. But seriously, that was the WORST weekend I’ve ever had in a while!

One of the people talked to a water fountain and was convinced that the CIA was after him and was digging a tunnel under his house to get him.
One woman was so borderline that she didn’t talk coherently, only threw up because she had had about two bottles of strong liquor before she came in and on top of that was codependent and probably an alcoholic. And: She was my roommate! Hooray for someone who throws up literally every 30 minutes! Everywhere!
One woman didn’t talk at all except to yell at her mom on the phone and then she was physically violent when her mom was there. She didn’t do anything except just stay in her room, get her food, sit in group if she couldn’t get out, etc. THAT was hilarious actually when someone had to restrain her to a stretcher because she went after her Mom and yelled “Bitch, I’m gonna kill ya. You’re the reason I’m in here bitch and I’m gonna get ya!”
Two women who were both probably borderline personality disordered got into a fight, one needed to go to the padded cell and the other one was kept to herself in her room and eventually transferred to another unit. They got into a fight because one of them said he wasn’t crazy and she was there voluntarily and that she needn’t to be there, etc. Well.. turns out she hadn’t showered in about a week, she smelled bad, she couldn’t walk straight and overall she was in pretty bad shape! Both of them only yelled at each other and finally got into a knock-out drag-down fight. It was awesome! Haha!

That was about it concerning the people who were crazy. Two people didn’t do anything and were just compliant, one woman threw a chair at me but she was only in there for about a day before she decided to leave because she couldn’t eat the food, yada yada yada. She was in there voluntarily but she had some major issues. Only whined, was in the military (or pretended to be, she couldn’t really take life OR follow orders), and was a pain in the ass. Well, and then she threw a chair at me and needed to go to the padded cell for a while before they eventually let her out and then discharged her. Finally! Life was so much better after that!

So that was my weekend. Luckily for me I was able to text one of my professors before they took my phone away and two of them visited me while the other one always called me in the morning and the evening to see if I was doing ok, etc. That was pretty nice.
Now I need to find information about my diagnosis and what to do with it, how to battle the side-effects of the medication, etc. And I need to find a way to get away from my roommate because obviously she can’t keep her mouth shut and just blabbers on about MY life, meddling in MY life, thinking about MY life all the time. Ah well…. I’ll see what I can do!

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