Went to see my psychiatrist yesterday because my medication just pushes me over the edge and makes me somewhat bipolar. Yesterday I ran 5k and still couldn’t sit still, couldn’t control my thoughts that were going 300 miles an hour etc. etc.
Anyway, the psych said I should discontinue taking the meds, come see her again today and she also prescribed some things which would make me sleep longer and better. The last two weeks I only slept 3 hours a night and was totally fine with it. Today I don’t really feel better, just a lot more tired due to the meds I had to take last night. But I DID sleep better. 🙂

So, off to see the psych in a little bit. Until then I could … do a lot more productive things, like fix my bike tire, clean the kitchen or something similar. We’ll see.
Ah yes, last night I also cut quite deeply. Hopefully it doesn’t require stitches but I haven’t taken the band-aid off yet. 😦

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