Role playin’

So sad to see that people just go for the role playing…. I wondered about it all day and then saw some facebook “likes” and status comments to which I wish I could respond in honesty… but apparently honesty doesn’t count. So I just let it go and wonder about the people who like the status updates I post about things being better, etc. Things aren’t better but I know I can’t let other’s see how I’m feeling. No one cares, no one asks, no one questions whatever I put down. So… again that means people don’t care, right??

Just as a heads-up: I did cut today. Multiple times. And I enjoyed it. I knew that when people hurt me I’d be able to touch the wound and remember that they don’t have any leverage at all. I’m responsible. Only I can hurt myself… which is good to know! I just wanted to reiterate that although people TRY to seem to care they don’t really! All they want to see is the ILLUSION, the PICTURE! No one ever wants to see the real me. I’ll keep it hidden, then, cut no one cares! 😦

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