Why this blog?

I guess the first question anyone would ask when hearing that yet another person has created a blog is “Why?” Why would anyone create a blog? And what is the ultimate goal of a blog? In my case the answers are as follows:
1) I’m depressed. I need to do something to stop thinking about myself or at least to keep myself busy. I decided to start a blog to do exactly that!

2) Maybe I can inspire others out there by what I write. I hope that I’ll be able to overcome this depression soon and maybe along the way I can pick up a few tricks that are worth sharing.

3) Blogging is anonymous. Or so I’d like to think. So instead of rambling to my friends who’ll most likely be sick of me going on and on and on about how I’m doing I’ll rather post stupid blog entries here and just annoy the rest of the world. 🙂

This being said I hope you’ll get off this site while you can before I drag you down. Or you keep following the blog and encourage me to keep going. In either case I hope your day is great & that you’re doing well.

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